Thursday, 31 December 2009

Nearly the 2nd decade of the 21st century but…

So much for the technological age.  It’s nearly 2010 and I need to make a payment that will arrive in a bank account the next working day.  So I phone up the bank, who inform me that it has to be made by CHAPS at a cost of £25.  Which is a tad annoying given that light travels around the world about 7 times a second and a typical enterprise database can serve several thousand concurrent users on a single processor, but obviously my maths is flawed.

Anyway, all they need for this transaction to take place is a fax.  Excuse me?!?!?  It’s the 21st frickin’ century!!  Why do I need to send a fax?  Surely email is easier?  It’s not like it’s even more secure!  I don’t have a fax machine and none of my PCs have telephone modems in them because it’s like…er…the 21st century and all that - I have ADSL and very quick it is too.  So I look for a fax by email service that doesn’t require me to sign up to a contract or monthly fee but to no avail.  I only want to send a 1 page fax for goodness sake!

So next time my bank asks me for information perhaps I should say something like “yeah, that’s fine.  Just send it to me on chiselled stone or Papyrus scrolls in ink made from Dodo blood”.

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